The use of CAIS EOP will be phased in by client groups


The National Assembly today adopted an amendment to the Public Procurement Act.

The changes are related to the obligation to use the Centralized Automated Electronic Procurement Information System (CAIS EAP). It will be implemented according to the Schedule adopted by January 15, 2020 by a Decree of the Council of Ministers (Council of Ministers).

The timetable will specify the specific dates from which individual contracting groups are required to use the national e-procurement platform.

This change aims at minimizing the risks and ensuring a smooth transition to a fully electronic award process. The phased introduction of the CAIS EOP enables a relatively small number of contracting entities to use it on a pilot basis, and the elimination of any errors found will make it easier for other contracting authorities to apply. Notwithstanding the fact that two types of procurement will be implemented in parallel in the country for some time, the approach chosen is expected to help improve the skills of using the platform by groups of contracting authorities and make the assistance provided more complete.

Until the obligation to use the platform, according to the timetable adopted by the Council of Ministers, enters into force, the specific contracting authorities should apply the procedure under the Public Procurement Act, effective until November 1, 2019.

Currently, all interested parties have the opportunity to register with the CAIS EOP and to create documents using different procurement methods and methods, without their actions leading to the ensuing legal effects of the actual award.

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