User registration in CAIS EOP

Dear users,

Please note that upon registration with the Centralized Electronic Procurement Information System (CAIS EOP), carefully choose the type of user. The system allows for three variants, with the default option ‘economic operator’. When the consumer is not a “business entity”, he should manually choose another option – “contracting entity” or “individual”.

Proper reference to the type of user guarantees fast and correct registration and enables follow-up to the national platform related to defining roles in the profile, as well as correct preparation of documents.

There are several specifics about registration:

  • In cases where a person is both a contracting authority and a business entity, registration is made once. The person should be registered as a contracting authority, and the system provides the functionality to participate in contracts in the role of economic operator.
  • Where a person has branches, they are registered in the same way as the headquarters. No matter who registers, who will create the first profile in the system (headquarters or branch).

The system recognizes the UIC of the subdivision / headquarters and, in the presence of a registered headquarters / subdivision, automatically creates a link “subdivision headquarters”, respectively “headquarters subdivision”.

For your convenience, video materials exploring the three possible registrations on the platform have been published on the Procurement Portal in the section CACIS – News.

Further information on registering, logging in and using the platform can be found in the “CAIS EOP – frequently asked questions” section, as well as in the Guides accessible through the system.

We remind you that on the national hotline 0700 17 151, every working day from 09:00 to 17:30, experts of the Public Procurement Agency assist the users of the platform with regard to registration, as well as provide competent answers to the technical questions asked. The assistance is provided by the CAIS EOP Customer Service Center.