Video instructions for registering with the Centralized Electronic Procurement Information System (CAIS EOP)

Instructions for creating an authorized user in the Public Procurement Register

Registration in the list of external experts under Art. 232a, para. 2 of the Public Procurement Act (PPA) (for verification of technical specifications and evaluation methods in connection to the implementation of random selection control) – (update of MU-7/2018)

Commonly found errors by the Public Procurement Agency (PPA) in documents submitted for random selection control

Filling in registration form for random selection control (video)

About The Portal

The Public Procurement Agency maintains a Public Procurement Portal (PPP).

The portal is a centralized information system that provides access to information on all aspects of public procurement, structured in specific thematic areas and geared to the specific interests of major consumer groups. The information is updated daily.

The OPP presents the organization and activities of the PPA, the legal framework and the practice in the field, as well as useful references to other Internet resources. The aim is to achieve greater awareness, publicity and transparency on public procurement issues, as well as appropriate methodological assistance to those involved in the process.

POP is public and access is free of charge. Bulgarian and English versions of the Portal are supported.

The Public Procurement Portal provides access to:

- Public Procurement Register
- Methodological guidelines for the implementation of the PPL
- Samples of documents that contracting authorities use when awarding public contracts
- List of Contracting Authorities
- List of economic operators registered as contractors
- List of economic entities for which the circumstances under Art. 54, para. 1, item 5, b. "A" and Art. 55, para. 1, item 4 and 5 of the Public Procurement Act
- Results of monitoring of public procurement under Art. 114, para. 1, item 2 of RPSP
- Results of control exercised by PPA under Art. 233 of the Public Procurement Act and under Art. 19, para. 2, item 24 PPL (revoked)
- Monthly Bulletin for the Public Procurement Market in Bulgaria
- Other information related to public procurement

Project with registration number BG05SFOP001 - 1.003 - 0002 - C01 / 15.06.2017 and name "Development, implementation and maintenance of a unified national electronic web-based platform: Centralized automated information system" Electronic Public Procurement " , funded by the Operational Program "Good Governance", co-funded by the European Union through the European Social Fund.

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