Public Procurement Agency publishes Practical Handbook for Green Public Procurement

The tool raises awareness of the benefits of green public procurement and assists contracting entities and businesses in using environmental criteria in the procurement process. It contains specific examples of the use of environmentally friendly requirements, which are integrated in the selection criteria, in the technical specifications, as indicators in the complex evaluation of tenders, as well as in the clauses of the draft contract.

The practical tool was developed by PricewaterhouseCoopers Bulgaria EOOD under a public procurement contract of May 15, 2018 with the subject: “Study and forecasting of the potential of the national market for green public procurement in Bulgaria and preparation of a practical tool for their awarding” , part of the project “Methodological Support for the Development of Green Public Procurement in Bulgaria”, funded under Priority Axis 3 “Private Sector” of the Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Program (BCSP).

The structure is made up of three modules:

 • Strategic module – presents the potential for development of the market of green public procurement in Bulgaria and the product groups included in the Operational module;

• Legal module – outlines the applicable legal framework for incorporating green criteria in public procurement throughout the life cycle of the contract;

• Operational Module – provides exemplary environmental criteria for 12 product groups: “Wastewater infrastructure”, “Food preparation and delivery services”, “Computers and monitors”, “Imaging devices”, “Copier and Graphic Paper, Furniture, Cleaning Products and Cleaning Services, Public Space Maintenance, Design, Construction and Management of Buildings, Design, Construction and Maintenance of Roads, Transportation and Street lighting.“ For the Lighting and Computers and Monitors product groups, models (calculators) have been applied to calculate Lifetime Costs (RLC). The examples given are illustrative and advisory in nature and are intended to serve as a reference for stakeholders.

The Practical Handbook for Green Procurement is published on the Legislation and Methodology Public Procurement Portal, Methodology / Manuals section and is accessible to all users.