The PPA has launched a procedure in the national electronic platform of CAIS EOP

The Public Procurement Agency (PPA) has announced a procurement procedure in the Central Automated Electronic Procurement Information System (CAIS EOP). The contract is the subject of “Development and delivery of advertising materials to ensure awareness and publicity under the project” Methodological support for the development of “green” public procurement in Bulgaria.

The public procurement in the new platform allows for a test use of the system’s functionality and a practical check of the realized capabilities. Any registered business entity that is willing can add the order to their account and submit an offer to participate.

Clarifications and information on the progress of the procedure will be periodically announced on the Public Procurement Portal (POP) in the section “CAIS – Up-to-date” – “Buyer’s profile” CAIS EOP “- test procedures”.

As of November 1, 2019, the use of the Centralized Automated Electronic Procurement Information System becomes mandatory for all interested parties involved in the procurement process.

More information about the e-Procurement platform can be obtained from the national call center 0700 17 151 of the CAIS EOP Consumer Care Center, as well as through the “CAIS – Frequently Asked Questions” and “CAIS – Current” sections.